Top 3 Blogs!

Jakob Horn’s Blog


I felt a little insecure when I stumbled upon Jakob’s blog as the layout of the page looked incredible. I could see that Jakob had used WordPress before for previous courses and already had experience in designing a blog. I thought the headings he had for each blog entry made the reader want to know more which is the reason I clicked on his blog. The information he provided for step 3 regarding GR Engineering was interesting and I had to comment on what a good job he had done.


Ashleigh Neil’s Blog


I found Ashleigh’s blog to be interesting and in a similar situation with my own company. The page layout of her blog is clearly designed and hits at the important aspects of her company. I think that we have both been given a challenging firm and I am glad to discover that I am not the only one that had difficulties relating to the firm.


Ainsley Bath’s Blog


I was glad reading Ainsley’s blog that I was not the only one that had never studied accounting before. Her blog is setup perfectly and I enjoyed reading about her experience so far in this course.